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Japanese Magnolia

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A small tree cultivated for centuries in China and also Japan. It was first introduced to English speaking countries from Japanese origins, and is thus also sometimes called Japanese magnolia, though it is not native to Japan...


An immensely popular fragrance with a slightly sweet top note. A wonderful way to fill your bath with the tropical fragrance of distant shores.


Pt this soothing & softly fragranced Mega Fizzy Bath Bomb into your bath and watch fizz away while chilling... Happy Days :)



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Green Tea

An essential oil based fragrance inspired by the aromatherapy concept.


Green tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to treat everything from headaches to depression.


Our range of Green Tea Bath Bombs and Mini Chill Pills will leave you feeling refreshed and energised with its accord of fresh citrus, herbs and spices, plus a fruity note.


Extra bit of Shea Butter in those magic bath cookies will make your skin so smooth you won't need to use any cream after the bath.



Are you a Bath Girl or a Bath Boy?

Like a "sit in the bath and wash" kind or a "relax with a book and forget-troubles" kind?


Here at DudoBath we are the "relax with a book" kinds..oh and candles too. oh and a glass of a good wine or whisky :)


So we thought let's make a range of mini chill pills that offers a choice of great fragrances and will last for not only one bath but many.


Our mini bath bombs will give you an opportunity to mix your own preferred fragrances to create that ultimate relaxing time.


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